Launching in early 2023!

Find potential in your students, staff or customers for a career in cyber security.

Our team is on a mission to build an industry leading tool that helps businesses enable people to unlock their cyber security potential by providing easy to use online assessments and deep insight, supported and validated by renowned psychometricians and industry experts.

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Our assessments focus on personality and character traits, aptitude, and skill, to identify hidden talent.

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How we did it

We've worked with experts in psychometric testing to validate and scientifically prove that our assessments work.

Cyber security professionals, academies, training partners, students and companies have used some of our assessments for years to help them identify and develop their cyber security talent.

Our new tool, launching in early 2023, will feature two new assessments which have been tested on over 800 people in the UK and US for initial validation, and are currently being tested further with over 1000 cyber security professionals.

The key benefits

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Easy to use assessments

They're quick and simple to use, providing a delightful assessment taking experience for your team or customers.

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Insightful reports

The user-friendly reports provide deep insight without requiring any expert knowledge, allowing decision makers to act quickly.

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Scientifically validated

We've worked with leading academics to ensure the results generated by our assessments are based on real science.

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